Advanced Operators

Logic operators represent a logical expression and always return a true or false value. They can be used as a standalone rule for your rulesets, meaning just one of these will evaluate properly to a “pass” or “decline” message.

Operator Usage Explanation Example
IF IF([param] [operator] [value], [when true], [when false]) When the first condition is evaluated as true, the second condition is triggered. If the first condition is evaluated as false, then the third condition is triggered. IF(SCOR > 50, (AUTO = "D"), (AUTO = "E"))
AND AND(([param1] [operator1] [value1]), ([param2] [operator1] [value2])) Evaluates both conditions. If the first is truthy, the second also needs to be, otherwise it will return false. AND((SCOR > 50), (AUTO = "D"))
OR OR(([param1] [operator1] [value1]), ([param2] [operator2] [value2])) Evaluates one or the other condition. If any of the conditions evaluates as true, returns true. OR((SCOR > 50), (AUTO = "D"))
CONTAINS CONTAINS([value], [param]) Evaluates if the parameter includes the value. If yes, retuns true. CONTAINS("CERT", TEXT) when parameter TEXT = “PAYCERTIFY”

Numeric operators work with mathematical expressions and return a number. They cannot be used as a standalone rule for your rulesets, meaning you will need to evaluate the results of these operatios (numbers) with either a comparison or a logical to properly transimit a “pass” or “decline”.

Operator Usage Explanation Example
MIN MIN([param1], [param2]) Returns the lesser of both numbers. MIN(10,20) will return 10
MAX MAX([param1], [param2]) Returns the greater of both numbers. MAX(10,20) will return 20
SUM SUM([param1], [param2]) Returns the sum of both numbers. SUM(10,20) will return 30
AVG AVG([param1], [param2]) Returns the average for numbers. AVG(10,20) will return 15
ROUND ROUND([param]) Rounds the number to the closest integer. ROUND(1.4) will return 1 while ROUND(1.6) will return 2
ROUNDUP ROUNDUP([param]) Rounds the number up to the closest integer. ROUNDUP(1.3) will return 2
ROUNDDOWN ROUNDDOWN([param]) Rounds the number down to the closest integer. ROUNDDOWN(1.3) will return 1