Generate a Publishable Key

In order to generate a publishable key, you will need to access your PayCertify Merchant account. After signing in with a merchant log in with admin privileges, you should be able to navigate to the “Settings” page of your account. Once you’re there, search for the “Publishable Keys” section and click “Add new”. After clicking on it, a right panel will pop up and there you should be able to fill the allowed origins, the mode and an URL to send over your users whenever one of your fraud checks fail.

Generating Publishable Key

Since a publishable key is public and any tech-savvy customer could easily grab your key from your website’s HTML, you need to whitelist the domains on which you will allow that key to work. Different keys can be created for test and live environments, so be sure to be as strict as possible for your live keys. Make sure to include the protocol when entering the allowed origins, that being either http or https, for example:, After you define the origins, pick “Test” mode as a starting point and enter a URL on your website/system that you want to send users that do not pass the rulesets. Hit save and your brand new key should be created!

After saving the key, you should be able to see a couple more options:

  1. If you would like to receive more debugging information while in the development phase, enable Logging;
  2. Next, enable the products you will be using from the list:
    • To enable 3D-Secure, make sure to enter your 3DS public key into Settings > 3D-Secure Credentials;
    • To enable Kount, make sure to enter your Kount Merchant ID and Kount API Key into Settings > Kount Credentials;
    • To enable Pay Buttons, you will need at least one configured processor that supports it. Currently, we only support Skrill for Pay Buttons.

After setting the credentials and enabling your products on your key, save it. Next up we’ll get you started with setting up the products you’re going to use.

Setup the Plugin