Integrating to fraud prevention products is usually hard and demands an in-depth learning curve of how each product does work, besides all specifics around the development and implementation process. Most of the time, merchants are dependent on huge development efforts, which makes fraud prevention to be perceived as something expensive, very technical and unaccomplishable. With that in mind, we have developed paycertify.js, an innovative JavaScript plugin that integrates to your checkout page, with a few lines of code, shifting the turnaround of implementation from weeks, and sometimes months, into few minutes of coding and configuration.

Most importantly, through paycertify.js you are able to create rulesets that define when you want to let transactions pass and be processed by the gateway, and when you would rather not let the transaction go through – and that never even touches the gateway, reducing your potential chargeback ratio drastically. The products that the plugin supports are:

  • Kount;
  • Frictionless 3D-Secure;
  • Pay Button;
  • Data Enrichment (coming soon!);
  • Confirmations (coming soon!);
  • Transaction Insurance (coming soon!);

In order to get started with paycertify.js, you need to follow a simple three-step process, where the first two of them are purely configurations to your PayCertify account, and only the last step demands your development/engineering team to do small adjustments to your checkout page. Let’s get started!

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