Requesting Quotes

To request a quote you must provide the coverage time period, trip details and personal information about each beneficiary of the policy. Keep in mind that you can include more than one beneficiary per request. Check the example in the box below for details.


Parameter Type Presence Description Example
start_date timestamp required The start date of the coverage ISO 8601. It needs to be greater than the current date/time. 2018-05-12T21:07:59.508Z
end_date timestamp required The end date of the coverage. It needs to be greater than the start_date. 2018-06-12T21:07:59.508Z
dest_countries.* array required An array with destination countries, as 3-letter strings (see ISO 3166-1 alpha-3) USA
initial_trip_deposit_date timestamp optional Initial trip deposit date. This must be lower than the current date. 2018-04-12T21:07:59.508Z
people array required Description of each person  
people.*.first_name string required Person’s name Jim
people.*.last_name string required Person’s last name Carter
people.*.middle_name string optional Person’s middle name F
people.*.passport_issuer string optional Passport issuer (see ISO 3166-1 alpha-3) USA
people.*.passport_number string optional Passport number 598854699
people.*.gender string required Gender “M” or “F” M
people.*.birth_date string required Birth date (ISO 8601) 1980-04-12T00:00:00.000Z
people.*.email string required Email address [email protected]
people.*.phone string required Telephone number +1-202-555-0178
people.*.relationship string required Options are “Primary” (default), “Spouse”, “Child” and “Other” Primary
people.*.address string optional Street info 2378 W 12th St
people.*.city string optional City Los Angeles
people.*.state string optional 2-digit state name CA
people.*.postal_code string optional Postal code 90006
people.*.country string optional Country code (see ISO 3166-1 alpha-3) USA
people.*.trip_cost float required Trip cost 2034.00
Field Type Description Example
id uuid The quote ID .
status string The quote status processing
session_id string Session ID 80ca5b7a-a1eb-4692-ba75-72ae6e3cc79b
purchase_id string Purchase ID a74bc912-7ac3-9237-0cbe-7c1ade3cc02a
quote_options array An object with the possible options. It will be empty while status is processing. As the quoting process is asynchronous, the expected result for the first call is an empty array. You can see the complete description of the quote option’s fields in the Response Fields for the section Receiving Quote Responses  
curl --request POST \
  --url '' \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN' \
  --header 'content-type: multipart/form-data;' \
  --form 'start_date=2018-05-12T21:07:59.508Z' \
  --form 'end_date=2018-06-12T21:07:59.508Z' \
  --form 'dest_countries[]=USA' \
  --form 'initial_trip_deposit_date=2018-04-12T16:51:04.265Z' \
  --form 'people[][first_name]=Jim' \
  --form 'people[][last_name]=Carter' \
  --form 'people[][middle_name]=M' \
  --form 'people[][passport_issuer]=USA' \
  --form 'people[][passport_number]=34567' \
  --form 'people[][gender]=M' \
  --form 'people[][birth_date]=1980-04-12T00:00:00.000Z' \
  --form 'people[][email][email protected]' \
  --form 'people[][phone]=+1-202-555-0178' \
  --form 'people[][relationship]=Primary' \
  --form 'people[][address]=2378 W 12th St' \
  --form 'people[][city]=Los Angeles' \
  --form 'people[][state]=CA' \
  --form 'people[][postal_code]=90006' \
  --form 'people[][country]=USA' \
  --form 'people[][trip_cost]=2034.00'

Responds with:

  "quote": {
    "id": "20f1864d-f4d3-4b9c-990a-ffb5e53a1c34",
    "status": "processing",
    "session_id": "ea2468a4-ce45-4078-87c3-d37945e7c2f1",
    "purchase_id": null,
    "quote_options": [