Test Card Numbers

In order to help customers with the integration process with our API, the following list contains card numbers that can be used for testing purposes.

Credit Card Brand PAN EXP CVV
Visa 4111111111111111 01/21 999
MasterCard 5499740000000057 02/22 998
AMEX 371449635392376 03/23 9997
Discover 6011000993026909 12/20 966
Diners 3055155515160018 12/20 996
JCB 3530142019945859 12/20 996

Important - Relevant Information for Skrill

For tests purposes in Skrill you should use any valid date in the future (formatted as MM/YY) as EXP, a random number as CVV and any of the card numbers in the following list:

Credit Card Brand PAN
MasterCard for Skrill 5438311234567890
Visa for Skrill 4000001234567890
Amex for Skrill 371234500012340


  • every single transaction with valid test cards should approve
  • whenever amount is greater than 999999.99, decline
  • if CVV doesn’t match the above test cards, decline


  • whenever enabled and street_address_1 = 59 North Santa Cruz Av and state = CA and zip = 95030, full avs match
  • whenever enabled and street_address_1 = anything and state = CA and zip = 95030, partial match
  • enabled and anything else no match