Voiding a Transaction

POST https://gateway-api.paycertify.com/api/transactions/{transaction_id}/void

A void is only possible after a transaction has been created through auth request. Once that’s done, you should use the transaction ID response field to reference the transaction being voided. A void simply cancels a previously made authorization and releases the authorized balance on the customer’s card.

Special rules for Canadian Transactions

Parameter Type Length Presence Description Example
amount number 0.01-9999999 Required Total transaction amount 3.56
Parameter Type Length Description Example
transaction.id uuid 36 This transaction’s ID 41f00869-d7b3-413e-9476-9ef1a8bc2f28
transaction.merchant_id uuid 36 The user’s merchant ID 41f00869-d7b3-413e-9476-9ef1a8bc2f28
transaction.user_id uuid 36 The user’s ID 41f00869-d7b3-413e-9476-9ef1a8bc2f28
transaction.processor_id uuid 36 The processor’s ID 41f00869-d7b3-413e-9476-9ef1a8bc2f28
transaction.merchant_transaction_id string 1-255 The merchant assigned identifier my-order-id-0001
transaction.updated_at datetime - Last time this transaction was updated, on ISO 8601 UTC 2018-02-16T16:33:40+00:00
transaction.created_at datetime - Time that transaction was created, on ISO 8601 UTC 2018-02-16T16:33:40+00:00
transaction.events.*.id uuid 36 This event’s ID 41f00869-d7b3-413e-9476-9ef1a8bc2f28
transaction.events.*.success boolean - If the event was a successful event or not true
transaction.events.*.event_type string 4-10 The type of event being performed auth, capture, sale, void, refund
transaction.events.*.amount number 0.01-9999999 Total event amount 3.56
transaction.events.*.processor_code string 2-10 The processor response code 00
transaction.events.*.processor_message string 1-255 A human readable message from the processor APPROVAL V12341
transaction.events.*.processor_transaction_id string 1-255 A processor assigned identifier 00000000143242
transaction.events.*.updated_at datetime - Last time this event was updated, on ISO 8601 UTC 2018-02-16T16:33:40+00:00
transaction.events.*.created_at datetime - Time that event was created, on ISO 8601 UTC 2018-02-16T16:33:40+00:00
curl --request POST \
  --url https://gateway-api.paycertify.com/api/transactions/{transaction_id}/void \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN' \
  --form 'amount=0.50'

Responds with:

  "transaction": {
    "id": "3410596f-d596-42d4-9811-41d43868e984",
    "merchant_id": "455a1c64-385b-41b2-a56f-34bf6c5c5335",
    "user_id": "6e064bf5-0e18-466b-811b-f967e8d73b9f",
    "processor_id": "30ff7682-6ec7-48f3-8d7a-62319a9c3c59",
    "merchant_transaction_id": "my-order-id-0001",
    "card_number": "411111******1111",
    "card_brand": "visa",
    "card_expiry_month": "01",
    "card_expiry_year": "2021",
    "first_name": "John",
    "last_name": "Doe",
    "street_address_1": "59 N Santa Cruz Avenue",
    "street_address_2": "Suite M",
    "city": "Los Gatos",
    "state": "CA",
    "country": "US",
    "zip": "95030",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "mobile_phone": "+11231231234",
    "updated_at": "2018-02-16T16:33:40+00:00",
    "created_at": "2018-02-16T16:33:39+00:00",
    "events": [
            "id": "84a8ab86-ee0e-47d4-8686-4e42fa58355e",
            "success": true,
            "threeds_response": null,
            "avs_response": null,
            "event_type": "void",
            "amount": "0.50",
            "ip_address": "",
            "processor_code": "00",
            "processor_message": "APPROVAL TAS123 ",
            "processor_transaction_id": "000000000252618",
            "processor_threeds_response": null,
            "processor_avs_response": "0",
            "updated_at": "2018-02-16T16:35:40+00:00",
            "created_at": "2018-02-16T16:35:39+00:00"
            "id": "84a8ab86-ee0e-47d4-8686-4e42fa58355e",
            "success": true,
            "threeds_response": null,
            "avs_response": null,
            "event_type": "auth",
            "amount": "1.00",
            "ip_address": "",
            "processor_code": "00",
            "processor_message": "APPROVAL TAS656 ",
            "processor_transaction_id": "000000000252616",
            "processor_threeds_response": null,
            "processor_avs_response": "0",
            "updated_at": "2018-02-16T16:33:40+00:00",
            "created_at": "2018-02-16T16:33:39+00:00"