Boleto Transactions

Boleto, is a Brazilian cash-based payment method used by shoppers without bank accounts or access to credit cards. Payment is made with a voucher/invoice having the barcode that is issued to the shopper at the checkout. The shopper then pays the voucher at any physical store supporting Boleto (ATM, a bank, an approved facility, or through their bank’s online banking system) to make a payment.

In order to keep those two concepts completely manageable by the merchant, on PayCertify Gateway™ we have implemented a Transaction Event concept, which is an append-only log, that keeps the whole transaction lifecycle intact. There are two different types of events for check transactions:

A sale which runs the authorization portion and the settlement portion, which is not real-time; meaning you will have to use the reporting endpoints to check for settlement later; A refund request that works basically as a cancellation of the check if the sale didn’t settle, or an actual credit to the customer’s account if that transaction was already settled.

How does it work?

  • 1) The consumer chooses Boleto as the form of payment at checkout.
  • 2) After finalizing the purchase, the consumer receives a voucher with a barcode referencing the transaction.
  • 3) This voucher can be printed and paid at any at any physical store supporting Boleto.

3D Secure

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Chargeback / Backchannel Handling

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