Showing Confirmations

Under your Fraud Portal account settings, you can define a postback URL to receive fraud data as a POST to perform any sort of automated rules that your business logic requires. These postbacks happen whenever a new transaction is created through the API.


Field Type Description Example
id uuid The confirmation ID baa88e8a-300a-4833-b716-48f85251b839
created_at datetime Created at date/time 2018-05-12T21:07:59.508Z
updated_at datetime Updated at date/time 2018-05-12T21:07:59.508Z
state string Status of this confirmation request. The possible states are: idle, processing, confirmed, refused, failed, expired processing
callback_url string The provided callback URL
process_name string The selected process strategy name email_ecommerce uuid Process-specific ID baa88e8a-300a-4833-b716-48f85251b832
process.state string Process-specific state. waiting_response
process.email_address string Email [email protected]
process.timeout_seconds string Time in seconds 300
process.fail_reason string A fail description when process fails Delivery Error
process.created_at datetime Process-specific created at date 2018-07-05T14:09:40.106Z
process.updated_at datetime Process-specific updated at date 2018-07-05T14:09:40.106Z
confirmation_actions.*.id uuid Action ID ce388e8a-300a-4833-b716-48f85251b839
confirmation_actions.*.created_at datetime Action created at date 2018-07-05T14:09:40.106Z
confirmation_actions.*.action_name string Action name start
confirmation_actions.*.actor string Action’s actor merchant
confirmation_actions.*.executed string If action is executed or not true
confirmation_actions.*.error_message string Error message Delivery Error
curl --request GET \
  --url '' \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer D28A17DFD326A2E255DC4C69C17C2451446A7EC8' \

Responds with:

    "id": "3c86e137-1e59-4af5-bf9d-8f6b2970d4f9",
    "created_at": "2018-07-05T14:55:36.171Z",
    "updated_at": "2018-07-05T15:04:15.043Z",
    "state": "confirmed",
    "callback_url": null,
    "process_name": "phone_ecommerce",
    "process": {
        "id": "e8ef69e8-c50d-41ce-b306-a281217cb024",
        "state": "finished",
        "phone_number": "+5531992274225",
        "timeout_seconds": 540,
        "fail_reason": null,
        "user_response": "confirm",
        "token": "176cca1822cd0f3a23732fdbbb0ed62deefdbdd3",
        "nonce": "36615003",
        "merchant_id": "48a872f9-9389-4047-be85-a38d291e62b3",
        "created_at": "2018-07-05T14:55:36.165Z",
        "updated_at": "2018-07-05T15:04:15.038Z"
    "confirmation_actions": [
            "id": "152283ba-3959-4871-8f87-2a246995c17f",
            "created_at": "2018-07-05T14:55:36.179Z",
            "action_name": "start",
            "actor": "merchant",
            "parameters": {
                "phone_number": "+5531992274225",
                "timeout_seconds": "540"
            "executed": null,
            "error_message": null
            "id": "a1c8bd51-84b6-4f5b-a467-69f9268d9300",
            "created_at": "2018-07-05T15:04:15.030Z",
            "action_name": "confirm",
            "actor": "user",
            "parameters": {
                "id": "e8ef69e8-c50d-41ce-b306-a281217cb024",
                "token": "176cca1822cd0f3a23732fdbbb0ed62deefdbdd3",
                "action_name": "confirm"
            "executed": null,
            "error_message": null